The Host

Produced and Directed by: Paweł Son Ngo
Screenplay by: Paweł Son Ngo, Kalina Rzeźnik, Daniel Szwejkowski 
Director of Photography and Co-producer: Szymon Karlak

Sound by: Rafał Brzozowski
Editing by: Justyna Badio
Make-Up Artist: Klaudia Viet Huong Le



Aleksandra Radwan, Julia Szamalek and Karol Puciaty



“The Host” – Two women who conduct research on the meteorite rent a room at a single man’s house in a secluded location. Day by day their interaction and behaviours become stranger. Is it the influence of the secret finding or a sign of some hidden motives? Within a few days their lives will change completely.

Shooting time: January 2-5, 2018. World premiere was at Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest in November 2018.